[Herz der Angst] Kaiserlicher Wesir Zor'lok (10N)

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      [Herz der Angst] Kaiserlicher Wesir Zor'lok (10N)

      Hallo Leute, mit dem Release von HoF letzte Woche, stelle ich direkt mal einen Guide für den ersten Boss hoch. Ich unterteile diesen Guide in eine Englische und eine Deutsche Version. Die Englische erscheint zuerst, denn das fällt mir leichter, danach werde ich den Guide ins Deutsche übersetzen, somit auch die ganzen Skill Namen.

      English Guide - Imperial Vizier Zor'lok

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      Hello, and welcome to the Nightmare Games Heart of Fear Raidguide. My name is Kharina, and this time I will talk about the 10 Man Normal version for the first Boss in Heart of Fear, the Imperial Vizier Zor'lok.
      For this Encounter you will need 1 Tank, 3 Healers and a mixture of 5-6 DPS while ranged dps have an advantage in this encounter. Yeah, you see correctly, you only need one tank, but if you get problems with Exhale, what I will cover later, feel free to bring another Tank with a big Healthpool or large amounts of Magic Damage mitifation.
      The Encounter consists of 2 Phases, the first Phase going from 100%-40%, and the second from 40% till he dies.

      Phase 1

      When you engage the Boss, he will be flying arround the midle of the room. Next to him you will see 3 platforms that are on a higher level, than the middle of the room. These platforms will play a large role in the first phase.
      The moment you pull the boss, he will fill the lower level of the room with a toxic gas that makes people take a little amount of damage and also silence them. The good thing is, you will loose this debuff if you enter the platforms on each side of the room. But the boss will land on these platforms aswell, so you have to go to the same platform he chooses.
      If no one is in Melee Range of the Boss, he will cast a spell named "Song of the Empress", if he manages to get through with this cast, he will just instant kill the whole raid. So make sure that you follow him on his platform as fast as possible. Also make sure that the first Person who engages the boss, is a tank, or he will start to kill your raid in Melee Range.

      He will not remain on one Platform for the entire time, he will transition random between the platforms for the entire first phase. So if you need to change platforms, make sure to use skills that speed up your running speed before entering the gas, since it silences you. Even if you reach the next platform first, make sure to wait for the tank, or else you will get punched in the face by the tank.

      Now, while he gets one special mechanic on each platform, there are two skills he will keep for the entire fight, and on every platform.

      Inhalte - Inhale is a buff he casts on himself, it will increase the damage done by Exhale by 100%.

      Exhale - Exhale is a beam like skill he channels on a random player, stunning him and doing a ton of damage. After the channel is finished, it resets his stacks of Inhale.

      As you can see, Exhale does a ton of damage to for instance a healer, und you don't a healer getting stunned. So to counter this mechanic, your tank should get between the Boss and the player that is being targeted by the Beam. If he does that, instead of the random player, your tank will get the damage. But the amount of damage is smaller, and it doesn't apply the stun.
      Now if your tank has issues with getting damaged by the Boss, and then immidiately taking the channel, you can make use of another tank to eat the Exhales damage. Also, if you're not a tank, make sure to not stand to piled up arround the boss, or else you may be the one who will be the new target of the beam.

      Now I will be covering each Platform.

      Left Plaform

      On the left platform, he will gain an ability named Attenuation. When he starts channeling Attenuation, lots of Orbs will spawn in a Square arround him, that are moving away from the boss in a spiral. Either clockwise, or against clockwise. Now, if you're a melee, take some steps away from the boss, since he has a large hitbox. You will be able to see where they are spawning, and as soon as Attenuation starts being channeled, you can guesst where the next orbs will be spawning. Remember to alway walk with them, since they hurt quite a lot.

      Right Platform

      On the right platform, he will gain the skill Force and Verve. This is a channeled ability which will make the raid take a large ton of damage. The good thing is, before starting the channel, he will spawn three little Barriers, if you stand inside of them, the damage you recieve by Force and Verve gets lowered by about 40%. The downside is, that only about 4 people can stand inside of the barriers for them to work. But there are three of them, so the maximum amount of people that can be protected would be 12. In a 10 Man Encounter thats more than enough.
      Also make sure to not stand too close to the border of the platform, since the barriers will spawn next to random raid members, it's possible for them to spawn inside of the gas. And you don't want that to happen.

      Also, eventhough the barriers lower your recieved damage by about 40%, you still get hit by a lot of damage, so make sure to use defensive cooldowns and healthstones to help your healers out.

      Platform on the Back

      When he enters the platform on the back of the room, he will gain the ability Convert. By using Convert, he basically starts mind controlling are bunch of your players. So if you want to keep those mind controlled players from hitting you and healing the boss, you need to attack them to bring them down to 50% of their life. This will break the mind controle. But be careful to not attack them with DoTs or other spells that will stay on the them for a longer period, since even after beeing brought back to normal again, they will keep the periodic damaging spells you put onto them. Also silences and longer stuns may hurt your healers more than you actually planned to.

      Remember, he will only have 2 Mechanics per platform. The one that in Specific to that plaform, and the Inhale / Exhale mechanic.
      When you get him to arround 40% HP, he will fly up in the air, and Phase 2 starts.

      Phase 2

      As mentioned before, as he reaches 40% HP, he will fly up in the air, and fly towards the middle of the room. By doing that, he will inhale all the Gas on the lower level of the room, which gives him a buff that increases his damage done by 10%, and his haste by 20%. So be carefull that your tanks don't die, especially in the transition.

      Now, while he had only his inhale / exhale mechanic, plus one other mechanic per platform in Phase 1, he will now have all of his mechanics at the same time. That means, he now has Inhale / Exhale, Attenuation, Force and Verve, and Convert.
      Now he doesn't use all of them at the same time, but if you aren't able to deal with his abilities in time, they may cross into each other. The best example for that, would be Convert. If you can't get your raid members back in time, they will keep on attacking you / healing the boss while you dodge all the other abilities, inculding Exhale. So your first priority should be getting all of the mind controlled raid members back.
      The second phase is also the best time for your Bloodlust and Heroism cooldowns, as well as all tank cooldowns you have left.

      If you concentrate on dodging all of his abilities and stay focused when getting your raid members out of the mind controle, you shouldn't have problems with this Boss.
      Remember, you can do this fight with either 1 or 2 Tanks, you should decide on that base on your healers ability to keep the Raid alive, the power of your Damage Dealers, as well as the Tanks ability to mitigate magic damage.

      So, good luck with the Imperial Vizier Zor'lok, my has been Kharina, and I will see you next time!

      Deutscher Guide - Kaiserlicher Wesir Zor'lok [In Arbeit]

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